This video shows you How to Pronounce Mhamó (Granny, Grandmother, Ireland), pronunciation guide.

Anyway, here is how you say Grandma and Grandpa in Moroccan.

Weird things about the name Mamo: The name spelled backwards is Omam. .

Listen to the audio pronunciation in several English accents.


com/watch?v=8_SyvppTr8k&list=PLd_ydU7Bo. . Mamo Momo.


Hear more IRISH NAMES pronounced: https://www. The French word for grandmother is grandmère but often the nickname mémé is used. .

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Look through examples of mama translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.

mamo: [noun] any of several black Hawaiian honeycreepers that constitute a genus (Drepanis) of the family Drepanididae, are distinguished by yellow feathers above and.

. How do you pronounce that? How many people have the last name Mamo? In 2010, the U.

1. The pronunciations given are those in use among educated urban speakers of standard English in Scotland.

Samantha Mphahlele.
All of the suggested English-Hawaiian names on this page are matched solely on their written form — pronunciation may differ.


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Learn MORE CONFUSING NAMES/WORDS: https://www. What does mamó mean in Irish? English Translation. Jana ≈ Mana.

How to pronounce 'mamó' in Irish. 1. . May 2, 2023 · Noun [ edit] mamo ( plural mamos ) Either of two extinct species of Hawaiian honeycreepers of the genus Drepanis. How to say mamo in English? Pronunciation of mamo with 7 audio pronunciations, 2 synonyms, 1 meaning, 2 translations and.


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Mamo Mami.

Mamo Mako.