8/10 for my work.

To paint this model I used the following:Primer: Citadel Mechanicus GreyArmy Painter Jungle GreenArmy Painter Scaly HideArmy Painter Leather BrownArmy Painte.

save. It wont change, you have to buy one of the grouped packages or find him on ebay.


Killaboss with a Stab-grot.

Part on my collection, this is the first time I paint them all in 1/4 scale, I sculpted them on zbrush and print them on Photon mono X, I use Vallejo acrylics, and yes, the hardest to paint was Tali. Quick tutorial for miniature painting glass vials, potions, or any sort of liquid in a glass container. .

In today's video we're painting the Orruk Kruleboyz Swampcalla Shaman & Pot-grot from Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Dominion.

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Rather, they call the swamps to them, tainting the land with their foul concoctions until the ground becomes squelching muck. Check out this guide on how to get your.

Sometimes it can take a while for a model to reach the top of the painting pile, but eventually he’s made it! Mugruk Da Watcha is finished.


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. Painting the inside of the robe with the figure attached to the base will be almost impossible.

Full assembly instructions, available in PDF format as a free digital download sent straight to your inbox.

Check out this guide on how to get your concoctions looking as deadly as they deserve.


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. . Swampcalla Shamans just love to brew deadly poisons from their fetid swamp waters. I picked him up at UK Games Expo 2022, which is a board games convention. Show more.


Grinnin' Blades are the largest and the most expansive Kruleboyz warclan and are identifiable by the bright red clothes, shields and warpaint they use to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. .

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Contrast How to Paint_ Orruk Kruleboyz Swampcalla Shaman & Pot-grot是Contrast+ How to Paint AOS 3.



I chopped up a Jurassic park t rex model to use as a battle wagon at one point, even to the point of modelling a brain with ork choppa stuck into it as "contollz".